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Saturday, May 25, 2013


It's been a busy,busy week here and I managed to also have a nice visit with the boy. One of the things my sister and I did was to empty out our father's closet and dresser and go thru all the boxes that were in there. It's been almost three years since daddy passed away and really the only reason we finally mustered up the courage to deal with it was that one of mom's grandkid's is moving in with us for a bit. We spent most of the day laughing and crying over some of the things we found,daddy had all sorts of things tucked away.

One of the things we found was mommy's wedding garter,she said she wasn't aware that daddy had kept it.
Can you imagine,he had kept it all those years?!
We ended up with a basket full of keys and I snagged this little bitty skelly key,it's only an inch tall. I have no idea what it goes to,but for me it will go into a piece of jewelry that I will keep,...I think my daddy would have liked that.

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