Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly.--Epictetus--

Saturday, August 28, 2010

come and see the mermaids!

sorry i don't have any photos today,(no tech support from the boy). anyway,just wanted to remind you all that the mermaid's mercantile is happening this weekend and nick and i will be there tomorrow! 
i have some great new pieces and there are going to be some very cool give-aways happening.  come and join the fun,you won't be sorry,if fact,you might be sorry if you miss it!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Work!

sorry i haven't posted sooner than this, but i've been busy working on new jewelry and just keeping it together with life in general.

here is susan modeling some of the new work

i personally love long dangling earrings, but I know some people prefer a shorter version.

either way they're very cute and very wearable!

i also got some petal earrings done. these are always favorites, and i love finding new words to hammer into them.

this is always a good word, don't you think? leave me a comment with one of your favorite words!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A glove in hand!

don't you just love vintage gloves? i remember wearing gloves to mass when i was a little girl and now i collect them. 
i decided i wanted to do something with the gloves and this is what i came up with!
i love the way this glove-purse turned out!

i stitched a silk lining inside and it's got just enough room to carry a few basics. i think it would be a fun evening bag.
i have also been working on the mini books and should soon be doing a class on these. 

 they are alot of fun to make and i can't seem to stop making them! ;o)

i will also have these available for sale at the next mermaid's mercantile and at the next chateau de fluers.

we have also been busy with doctors appointments,you can read about that here.

Friday, August 6, 2010

55th Anniversary!

here are my mom and dad with the majority of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren,(i think we were missing one of each in this photo).
tomorrow the family will be celebrating mommy and daddy's 55th wedding anniversary! can you imagine,55 years together?
my parents have always been great role models for my siblings and i and even more so,they have been wonderful parents.  we are a very close family and that doesn't mean we always get along and agree with each other.  but,the thing we have learned to do is forgive each other and try to be there for each other.
thanks mom and dad for this amazing life! thank you for believing in me,and for showing me that good things do happen thru love,work,and sheer determination!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

keeping busy!

we've been busy here with appointments for jim. however,i do have some cuteness to share with you.  the little sweetie above is a peg doll i painted a few months back.  the really fun thing about her is that she is also answers your questions with her spinner!

these are some photos of a couple of necklaces that i had made for a client.  she had given me most of the components from her collection and as you can see i added some of my own touches to them.

i've also been keeping busy working on some new class proposals and some new jewelry for the next mermaids mercantile! i'll post some pics of those things later this week.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

a wonderful time was had by all!

nick and i had a fabulous time teaching my class over at Paper Tales!  the staff in that shop are so wonderful and make every effort to make sure that everyone is comfortable and happy.

here are photos of my students wearing their new scrapbook journals.
here are the close-ups of all the stunning pieces!
thanks so much ladies,i had a blast,i can hardly wait to teach again!
p.s. all the photos in this post were taken by nick g. molinar thanks nick!