Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly.--Epictetus--

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Jordan was back at the house today and we finished up our cascarones. She filled all the eggs and then helped me to glue the tissue papers down.
We had alot of fun getting it all done.
Don't they look wonderful?! Now we just have to wait for Easter and then we can crack them over peoples heads and cover them with confetti!
I still have a few things to get ready for Sunday. Must fill all the plastic eggs for the egg hunt,bake a carrot cake,and help mom make the potatoe salad.
Nick has been home on spring break and just look at the Easter gift he brought me.
Isn't she adorable?! The scent does smell nice,but omg,the container is soooo cute. Nick of course knows my love of mermaids,so when he found this he decided that he had to bring her to me. I love her and I love my boy for thinking of me.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Today my great-niece Jordan stopped by to help me dye the egg shells for the cascarones,(confetti filled eggs).
She was a very focused worker and we got 5 dozen eggs done in no time.
I have been saving eggs for weeks. As you can see above,I try to crack off as small an end as I can,then I rinse them well in HOT water,and set them aside to dry.
We dye them just as you do hard boiled eggs and tomorrow when they are completely dry,we'll fill them with confetti and glue down some tissue paper to cover the hole. Hopefully,I will remember to get the camera out for that part of the process.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

So much to do!

So much going on,and lots to get ready for.
My son starts his spring break  next week and will hopefully be home for a few days of it. I have cartons and cartons of eggs to dye and fill for cascarones,(confetti filled eggs). Mom and I will be getting the prizes ready for the games we play on Easter.
Once Easter is done,we have a family christening the following weekend and I'll be helping my sister prepare brunch for 30 or so people. At the end of April I have a show,(more info on that later), and so the prep for that has been ongoing.

Above is a close-up of some stitching that I've been adding to an old canvas bag that I found at the thrift store. My french knots aren't very tight,but I kinda like the wooly-lamb look of it. ;o)
Don't you just love the color of these little eggs? Actually,they're Jordan Almonds,but I thought they looked lovely in this little wooden hand.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gorgeous Day!

Today has been absolutely beautiful. The winds have come through and blown away all the rain clouds and the skies are blue,blue,blue.
This morning I was invited to my friend Nanette's home for Sunday brunch. It was so nice to visit with several other friends who were there and eat the wonderful foods that Nanette had prepared,(she's a fab cook).
I came home to find my recently planted flowers basking in the sun along with the herd of chihuahuas that live here,(it's only three,but many times it does feel like a herd). ;o)

I saw a butterfly flitting in and out of the flowers and that got me to work on finishing this little pretty.

As you can see,it's a perfect size to pin on a spring jacket. It's all handstitched and sequined by me and the photos I took don't really do it justice. This one is a present for someone,but I hope to soon get a few more done. I am hoping to re-open my Etsy shop soon and one or two of these with be in the shop.
Hope you all have had a lovely Sunday!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Getting ready for Easter

I have been putting out Easter decorations bit by bit. This bunny looks like a chocolate rabbit,but he is actually ceramic,he was a gift from my husband.
These easter egg colored pins were a recent find and I have an idea I'm going to try out with them.
As you can see,they are fairly large,so I think they will make quite the statement. Hopefully I can hold on to them,when the boy comes home,he usually ends up packing up some of my supplies to take home with him. Most of the time I don't mind,(too much),but sometimes I have to make a point of telling him that I really want something to stay with me. *lol*
I thought I would also show you this fun tape that i found on clearance. These colors are also very easter eggy,...don't you think so?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sunshiney Day!

Once again,the rains are supposed to come,so I got my nephew to help me do some spring planting while it was still sunny and warm.
My mermaid planter looks lovely and once the flowers fill out a bit,it will look even better.
We had a small visiter stop by while we were outside.
Baby Weasy came by after his Dr's appointment,(that's my mom holding him). He was named Weasy because he had some issues breathing when he was born. No worries now,he is healthy and also a sweetie pie.
I finally managed to photograph my new thrift shop boots.

I really like these boots and they're in good shape,just a teeny bit of scuff marks which can be buffed right out. They're leather,a normally pricey brand and I got them for 4 dollars! They were regularly 8 dollars but things happened to be half price that day. Has anyone else found a great deal?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Been busy!

The boy was home for a few days and it was lovely. I cooked some of his favorites,we went to the thrift store and we went to the Vintage Marketplace with Mom and visited with lots of friends.

These gorgeous tulips were a gift from my mil. She remembers that my husband,(her eldest son),used to give me tulips every Valentines day. 
I love them,but they do make me a tiny bit sad.
Tomorrow I hope to get a picture up of the awesome boots I found at the thrift store.