Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly.--Epictetus--

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

more mm photos

here are a couple of more photos that nick took at the mermaids mercantile!

this is a collaged suitcase that valentina had in her booth. i also have a gorgeous little mother-of-pearl pin that i got from her and need to photograph. valentina always has beautiful things in her booth.
this is a photo of nicki's booth and as you can see,she a mermaid fan also. she needle felts the most wonderful things and her mermaids are obviously favorites of mine! call "out of the blue" and see about taking a class with her.
also,i wanted to ask you all to think good thoughts today for my husband jim. we go to see the doctor this afternoon and get the results from the last ct scan. we are hoping that his masses have shrunk and that this will be the last round of chemo. keep us in your prayers!

Monday, June 28, 2010

what a fun weekend!

well,nick and i had another fabulous weekend at the mermaids mercantile! it really is a fun show for us and it's more like spending the day hanging out with friends than working. those of you that have not made it out to visit us,(and all the other great vendors), at this show,well you really,really,need to do it! here are some pics that nick took over the weekend.this is janina and her crazy delicious cupcakes! every month she has new flavors and she always gives you a sample. believe me,once you taste these cupcakes,you will want more. this month nick and i especially loved the pina colada flavor,...omg,so good!
here's nick's self portrait for the day, his reflection in the mirror.
here we have marie,she's a vintage display piece and a 50th birthday present from my friend nanc. everyone loves marie and you would not believe how many people have asked to purchase her.
this is susan,(yes i am one of those people who names things),she was a gift from my mom. susan used to sit on a shelf at home,until i had the bright idea to use her as a display piece. i'm planning on making some sisters for susan,and maybe selling them.
the last photo here is one of me! i was unaware at the time that nick was trying to photograph me,but i actually like this picture. glasses perched on the end of my nose,intent on a project,needle or pliers in my hands,...that's me!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

life is a fairy tale

i've been busy working on new jewelry! i love the pink pearls on these fairy tale earrings. these earrings were inspired by some things that have gone on in my life lately. as you know my husband jim is battling cancer,and while that part of our lives is so not a fairy tale,the love,support,and honest caring that we receive from so many truly is.these "soar" earrings are in a small petal shape and so great for the ladies who aren't comfortable wearing larger earrings. of course,we all want to soar to the highest of our abilities!
since it is the last weekend of the month,nick and i will be selling my jewelry down at "the mermaid's mercantile" in gorgeous solano beach. remember that for the summer months the mercantile is going on for the whole weekend,so we will be there on saturday june 26th and on sunday june 27th!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Suzi Blu and Gigi too!

nick and i had a fab time at the chateau de fluer marketplace,(as always)! it's always a fun show and i love,love,love,all the wonderful vendors that we get to meet and work with,they are truly some of the most lovely and kind women you could know.
in the two days that i was there i only managed to get one photo,but it's a really fun one! i got to meet suzi blu and her sweet little dog gigi! unfortunately,the photo i took of nick with suzi and gigi turned out to be one big,odd blur,(nick is so not happy with me). anyway,it was fun to meet and talk with this very talented and sweet woman

Thursday, June 10, 2010


today is a very special day,17 years ago today a very special person came into my life, is my son nick's birthday! you wouldn't know it to look at him today,but nick was a preemie,he only weighed 2 pounds and 10 ounces at birth.his father and i have been so blessed to have this remarkable person in our lives.

we love you nick and are so proud of you. happy birthday my bebe!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

here we have our dear shadow,(the cat who owns us). she was not very pleased with me snapping a photo while she was trying to take her afternoon nap! jim and the cat both have a fondness for napping in this chair and it's always an adventure to see who will win the battle for the chair.
we have been resting this week,(between chemo treatments),and while jim has been doing fairly well,the reality is that it is starting to take a toll on him. add in the medical center making a mistake in billing the insurance and deciding that we owed them sixty three thousand dollars and you can see that it's been a bit of a tough week! well,the insurance stuff has been resolved,(hopefully),and we are all feeling a bit better. jim want very much to attend a family reunion this weekend and i'm trying very hard to make it happen.

Friday, June 4, 2010

here is a photo of most of the lovely ladies who vended at the last "chateau de fluers"! it's a great show with lots of great stuff to buy and this time around there will be even more vendors and more stuff!there will be several other barn sales going on in the fallbrook area that day,so be sure to ask for one of the maps that will guide you to these other spots,...fallbrook is definitely the place to be for those 2 days!
this past tuesday,(june 1rst),i celebrated my birthday! my son nick baked cupcakes for me and the guys and i celebrated quietly here at home, was perfect! this birthday seemed be be the year of the roses,my friend nanc gave me a gorgeous rose called "double delight".
she also gave me this mermaid! she's really a candle holder,but i decided i liked her better as a picture frame! she really is a wonderful piece and since i have a great love of mermaids and collect them,she is a perfect gift for me.
this is the other rose bush i received,"princess of monaco"is her name and she was a gift from my guys.
this has been one of our busy weeks. jim had his chemo treatment yesterday and tomorrow we will go back to the cancer center to have his pump removed. sunday we are off to see the family and celebrate some more birthdays. we've also been invited to a retirement party for sunday evening. it's so nice to be wanted,but my plate is getting just a bit too full right now. *giggles*