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Monday, January 9, 2012

Shadow,(the cat who owns us).

Well,the holiday madness is now behind us and there is much to get done here. The move must be finished this month,Nick will start his second semester at college,and then through it all we have a little someone who is not at all happy about these changes to our lives and routine.
Shadow,(the cat who owns us),is not at all amused by the comings and goings,the furniture that has been taken,and most of all,the boy being gone for days at a time. She has taken to sleeping in front of his bedroom door,(all the better to keep track of him). Shadow will be going to live with the boy because I think she might die of a broken heart if she did not,also there are three dogs who already live where I am going.
Shadow wants nothing to do with dogs!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Starting Over

Well,a new year has begun and I'm seriously hoping that there is better start to it than the crazy end of last year.
The entire holiday season was spent dealing with my brother being in the hospital,and the hospital was over an hour away from our family home,and we were so afraid that the stress would cause our mother to also become ill! Luckily,my mother is fine and my brother is doing much better,we are hoping to have him home in a day or two. He is 24th on the transplant list and we are praying that his liver holds out until a donor become available for him.
I would also like to thank all of you who sent cards and packages,it was much appreciated and I hope to return the gesture in a few weeks when life has stabilised a bit. It might be more of a Valentine than a Christmas present,but hopefully you won't mind.
Happy New Year to you all!