Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly.--Epictetus--

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

come to "ART IN THE YARD"!

i got some new chains done and the colors of these pearls and crystals are just gorgeous!

wonderful pinks,lavenders,and blues!

some of them have the sweetest little bird clasp!

i also made some new earrings,i love the fossilized amonites on these!

all of these and much more will be available at the "art in the yard"show this saturday. the weather is supposed to be sunny and warm so come out and see me and many other wonderful women artists!

Monday, April 18, 2011

new work!

i've been designing some new silk whimsys and i love how the toadstools turned out! there is also a ladybug and butterfly in the works.

this past week was very busy! i finally got to visit with my friend tammie and as always,we had a fun time. tammie gave me a box full of goodies and i especially love the scraps of silk and beaded fabrics that were in there. she also gave me my share of the little china doll heads that we won on ebay and they are so cute. i'll be using some in jewelry and a few will be for sale as is!
i took nick and his best friend aylah down to san diego on saturday for an open house at the AI school that's there. the progam looks great and it's exactly what nick wants to do. he wants to also attend the open house at FIDM later this month and see which school is a better fit for him.
after the open house we went the gem and bead show and picked up some scrumptious stuff,(yes it's so yummy looking i would like to eat it)! the sad thing at the gem show was the cost of sterling,OMG,it is getting to a point where i might have to start thinking about using nickel silver.

this week is nick's spring break and while we don't have plans for going anywhere especially fun,i think that just spending time together will be good.

Monday, April 11, 2011

my loves!

i can't believe how fast the time is flying by! pretty soon these two loves of mine will be living away from me. nick will soon be graduating from high school and getting ready to start college,and while shadow,(the cat who owns us),won't be going to college,she will be moving with nick. i am incredibly proud of my son,but it doesn't make it any easier to let go of him. in fact,it's a bit more difficult since losing his dad last year.
there is so much that nick wants to do and so much that he is capable of,i know life will be new and exciting for him. hopefully,he remembers to occasionally call his mother and and tell her about it! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

new work!

been busy working on some new pieces!

these little sweeties can be worn as a pendant or a pin. their faces are each handpainted by me,so each one definitely has her own personality!
these will be available at tomorrow's riverside art walk.  nick and i will be there from 6 to 9 in the live arts center on the corner of university and lemon.

Monday, April 4, 2011

gathering roses

nick and i had a really busy weekend! class at paper tales was alot of fun and of course,nick had to stop at the japanese market to pick up some of his favorite snacks. sunday we got a bit of yardwork and laundry done and then my mil and sil came by and took us out to an italian dinner,.....mmmmm,lasagna! i always love the photos that others take of the food their eating,but i'm usually sooo ready to dig in,that i forget about pulling out my camera."lol"
while working in the yard,i noticed that my cecile brunner rose bush is blooming wildly. i love this rose dearly,it was a christmas gift from my darling husband. i was in a bit of a panic about leaving it behind when nick and i move,but my mil took some cutting and hopefully they will grow.
when jim would work in the yard he would always bring in little bouquets of whatever might be blooming and set them on my work table.
i am looking at a small vase of flowers right now and remembering how deeply i was loved.

Friday, April 1, 2011

class tomorrow!

tomorrow nick and i will be teaching my silk carrots class down at paper tales!
this is a really fun project and there's still plenty of time for you to whip up a batch for baskets or a table top easter display. you all know how much i love wearable art,so i usually have one pinned to my jacket.
follow the link to paper tales and sign up, there's still room!