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Monday, April 4, 2011

gathering roses

nick and i had a really busy weekend! class at paper tales was alot of fun and of course,nick had to stop at the japanese market to pick up some of his favorite snacks. sunday we got a bit of yardwork and laundry done and then my mil and sil came by and took us out to an italian dinner,.....mmmmm,lasagna! i always love the photos that others take of the food their eating,but i'm usually sooo ready to dig in,that i forget about pulling out my camera."lol"
while working in the yard,i noticed that my cecile brunner rose bush is blooming wildly. i love this rose dearly,it was a christmas gift from my darling husband. i was in a bit of a panic about leaving it behind when nick and i move,but my mil took some cutting and hopefully they will grow.
when jim would work in the yard he would always bring in little bouquets of whatever might be blooming and set them on my work table.
i am looking at a small vase of flowers right now and remembering how deeply i was loved.

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