Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly.--Epictetus--

Thursday, July 29, 2010

come take a class!

saturday i'll be teaching my scrapbook necklace class over at Paper Tales!  there's still room if you'd like to join us!

Monday, July 26, 2010

exciting,crazy, weekend!

where do you get to take your picture with r2d2 and storm troopers?  comic con baby!
we were so excited that hubby was well enough to go on saturday. the tickets had been last year's christmas gift to us from jim's sister. at the beginning of the year we found out about jim's cancer,but we held onto the tickets hoping that he would be well enough to go.
jim with the harry potter legos!

 nick getting into the spirit of things!

we got to meet the author ray bradbury,...jim was thrilled!
this is jim with andrea.  she there promoting a book called "badass" and when she found out that jim was battling cancer she told him he had to keep a badass attitude and beat this cancer thing! as you can see,she gave him a t-shirt. ben thompson is the guy who wrote the book and he gave jim a signed copy. 
the random acts of kindness that we came across in the craziness that is comic con was wonderful!

Friday, July 23, 2010

July Mermaid's Mercantile!

well,once again it is a Mermaid's Mercantile weekend and i will be there on Sunday!

 i will have some brand new pieces to sell and plenty of the favorites!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

 yesterday i went out to have breakfast and hang out with my dear friend tammie!  we were celebrating my birthday,which was way over a month ago,but,tammie and i hadn't been able to get together until now.  well,in the above picture you can see the gorgeous,artsy tote that she made for me.
here is a close-up of the darling rhinestone and chenille flower pin she made to go on the bag.
now most would think that the bag was enough of a great birthday present,but not tammie. there were even more goodies in the bag!
there was this darling dolls trunk,here with shadow,(the cat who owns us).
of course,the trunk was filled with more delightful stuff!
don't you just love this sweet pincushion doll?
lovely birthday card and even more special to me since my middle name is rose. thank you so much tammie,i love it all and i love you too!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Just a Peek!

here's a little peek at what i've been working on!


i have been working on bracelets using velvet ribbon,sterling,and some wonderful mother-of-pearl buckles that i got from rachel. i also have some fab new earrings that i've been working on,i'll post photos soon.
these will be available at the next mermaid's mercantile on the weekend of july 24-25. please note that while the show is for the two days,i will only be there on SUNDAY the 25th,(i have a family outing on saturday).

Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Urban Barn baby!

as promised,here are some more photos from the Urban barn! once again,ALL photos were taken by nick!

cupid laughing under a rose arbor!

a fierce lion wearing a rose garland!

 some darling birdcages to wear around your neck,...these were made by lisa loria.

 a vintage birdcage covered in roses. doesn't it look like one of lisa's pendants?

 another birdcage,this one with a sweet bunny sitting inside.

 so much sparkly,crystal goodness!

 here is the photographer!

 here's jim chatting with rita. you can see his chemo pump bag hanging over his shoulder. at the bottom of my blogroll is a link to the blog about jim's battle with cancer.
the guys and i enjoyed our time at the barn,(even with the heat). it is definitely a must see destination!

Friday, July 16, 2010


the guys and i went out to the Urban Barn today for the grand opening flea market! the weather was fiercely hot,but it didn't stop all the lovely vendors from giving it their all. as always,there was just so much gorgeousness.

these photos were ALL taken by my son nick!

rainbow sparkles coming from pink crystals in the bright,hot sun.
dear rita with her darling bella,....both of them beauties!
hydrangea blossoms and a small chandelier hang from a small wire bed frame.
i loved,loved,loved this small red doll cupboard and all the sweet pincushions that this artist made!
i have many,many more great photos that nick shot,so i'll post more soon!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Out in Oceanside Harbor

sunday we had an outing to the oceanside harbor! a cousin of jim's was visiting and asked us to come down and to hang with her and her husband on their boat. jim was very excited about this and me,well,not so much. you see,jim grew up a block away from the ocean and i grew up in a desert valley,...i am not a boat person.
it was a fabulous day to be down at the coast! the weather was gorgeous,and the company was fun. nick and minnie became fast friends and we loved her little doggie life jacket,it has a handle so minnie looked like a small purse with legs!
jim's sister,(aunty mary),was visiting also and was very much prepared for the sunny weather.
here we have cousin bobbi,jim's mom,and my sweetie sitting in the back of the boat,having a great time. as it turned out,i had alot of fun also.
i did end up getting sunburned,i felt a bit queasy some of the day,and when we got home that evening i still felt that rolling sort of motion for awhile. but i got to visit with family and of course,enjoying the day with my guys is always a good thing!

Friday, July 9, 2010

New work and a give away!

i finally got nick to help me get these photos done and on the computer,(yes,i'm still technologically challenged). these tiny book pendants were inspired by a piece i saw a woman wearing at a show. the pendant she had on was bound differently. i would have needed a book press to do it and i don't have one,so i decided to try a pamphlet style binding and i really like the way it turned out. i,of course,had to add some sparkle,so i wired a gemstone or pearl to it.

when i made these,both my guys insisted on having one. the photo above is nick wearing his. nick thinks he might write some inspirational words in his and i'm thinking i might do the same. i might even ask friends and family to give me some of their favorite words to put in there!

maybe,if you run into me out in the world,and you see me wearing this,you can tell me one of your favorite words!
hey,if you leave me a comment on this post with one of your favorite words,i'll put your name in to win one of these sweet little book pendants! if you post about the give away,(and let me know),on your blog,you can have your name put in twice and have an extra chance to win! i will accept comments for this give away until july 15th,(one week),and will announce the winner on july 16th. good luck!

Monday, July 5, 2010

getting some rest!

after the last couple of crazy,busy weeks,filled with doctor's appointments,chemo,and art shows,we are finally getting a bit of rest.
our dear shadow,(the cat who owns us),shows us that afternoon naps are a good thing. jim and shadow both prefer the reclining chair as a napping spot. they have finally come to a compromise where jim naps on the chair and shadow naps on the top of the chair. i really need to get a photo of the two of them doing this.
as we all know,work will be getting done even during this resting period. i have a couple of new jewelry designs the i will be debuting at the next mermaids mercantile! i really love these new pieces and my guys have already requested one for themselves. photos will be coming soon.
also,on july 31rst,i will be teaching my scrapbook necklace,(pictured below), class over at paper tales down in san diego! this is a really fun class and if you haven't made it over to paper tales yet,well,you just have to go there! they have wonderful people working there and gorgeous stuff to buy.

Friday, July 2, 2010

this week has been very busy with appointments for jim. the good news is that the masses on his liver are shrinking and his body is tolerating the chemo fairly well. the not so good news is that he will continue the chemo treatments thru the summer.

please keep those good thoughts and prayers coming. the bumps in the road are a bit less right now,but we still have a long stretch of road ahead of us.