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Monday, April 18, 2011

new work!

i've been designing some new silk whimsys and i love how the toadstools turned out! there is also a ladybug and butterfly in the works.

this past week was very busy! i finally got to visit with my friend tammie and as always,we had a fun time. tammie gave me a box full of goodies and i especially love the scraps of silk and beaded fabrics that were in there. she also gave me my share of the little china doll heads that we won on ebay and they are so cute. i'll be using some in jewelry and a few will be for sale as is!
i took nick and his best friend aylah down to san diego on saturday for an open house at the AI school that's there. the progam looks great and it's exactly what nick wants to do. he wants to also attend the open house at FIDM later this month and see which school is a better fit for him.
after the open house we went the gem and bead show and picked up some scrumptious stuff,(yes it's so yummy looking i would like to eat it)! the sad thing at the gem show was the cost of sterling,OMG,it is getting to a point where i might have to start thinking about using nickel silver.

this week is nick's spring break and while we don't have plans for going anywhere especially fun,i think that just spending time together will be good.

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