Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly.--Epictetus--

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Daze

We are well into the summer heat here in Southern California and I think almost everyone is feeling a bit wilted. I have not been very good at getting any projects done,although I have drawn out quite a few new designs that I want to explore and I am in the middle of trying to finish a sample for a future class. 
This is a pearl bracelet that I finished a few weeks back, I love the way it looks stacked with a bunch of my other bangles.
The freshwater pearls are wrapped using sterling wire around a hammered copper base.
I used  this gorgeous burnt silk scarf as a background for the photos. The edges are all these fluttery petals and the photo does not show how wonderful the red color really is. It was a birthday gift last month from my friend nanc.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Surviving the Heat

This hot weather certainly changes the schedule around here. Instead checking e-mail and having coffee first thing in the morning,I am up and getting chores done before the heat does me in. Today I cleaned the den,stripped the bed,washed two loads of laundry,cleaned the dogs room,washed the dishes,re-potted two plants,and picked this lovely little bouquet for my room.
It's a few roses and some lavender and it smells divine.
When I opened the door to let the cool air of the early morning in,these wings fluttered down to my feet.
 I guess a moth got caught in the door jamb and came to an end. The pale wings are quite small and lovely and I appreciate the gift the universe has sent to me.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Happy 4th of July!
Not having an appropriate photo of my own this was the best i could do, a red and blue doll shoe. *giggles*
Stay safe and stay cool!

Monday, July 1, 2013


Here we go, the start of another month! We've had quite a bit of heat here this past week and it's been difficult for me to deal with. I miss my small home in the hills of Fallbrook, while it did get hot during the day, the nights were deliciously cool. Here in San Bernardino cool does not happen until the early morning hours, and even then it is not very cool. Mom wants to take a trip up the coast and I hope that being near the ocean might help me out of my funk, cross your fingers that Mom's dr.'s appointment in a couple of weeks goes well and we can leave town for a few days.
Today is my niece Rose's 19th birthday, she is the one furthest right in the above photo. I finished a bracelet to give her and hopefully I will see her later today.
As you can see there have had some new visitors to the feeder. A pair of orioles have been coming by for the past week or so, I know it's a pair because I have seen the male and female together at the feeder. I am not a big fan of the color yellow, but on them it looks beautiful.