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Thursday, September 10, 2015


Well the summer has gone by,but the heat has not,still hotter than Hades here. Alot was done this summer,celebrated some birthdays,(my friend had a mariachi band at his)! 
 My niece had a birthday brunch at the Mission Inn and my mom and sister sat across from me so I had to snap a picture of them, aren't they gorgeous!?

 This Hello Kitty mermaid was made for another dear friend's birthday.
 The family had a beautiful baby shower for a niece of mine. That's my sis and her daughters, and the next pic is of Mom and her sister and cousins getting silly at the shower.

 Spent a couple of days at the beach and spent some time looking for shells and heart rocks with my great-niece Jordan.

The weather has been a bit bizarre the last couple of days, although the clouds rolling through have been quite lovely.
It has been a long and very hot summer and I am ready to start complaining about the cold!