Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly.--Epictetus--

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Doing better!

That last post was pretty crabby,but things have gotten better since then. the weather is so much warmer,and I haven't burnt anthing lately. ;o) I have been working on some new pieces for a show I will be doing in April,I'll  be sure to keep you posted on that.

These pins are so much fun to make and even more fun to wear. They are all handstitched using silks and embroidered ribbons,with a real pearl drop at the bottom.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Not a very good start!

My day has not started out very well. :o(  First the weather is very cold and dreary,then I burnt the muffins I was baking for breakfast,one of the chihuahuas left a not so wonderful "surprise" in my bedroom,and finally,(at least I hope it's final),I caught my coat on a cupbaord door and ripped the pocket! Makes a girl want to crawl right back into bed,but there is laundry to be done and groceries to go out and buy,so hopefully I can salvage the day.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Come on Spring!

Once again the days get away from me and I find that I have not posted for awhile. I honestly do try,but there always seems to be something else that needs doing. The house I now live in is fairly large and keeping up with all that needs to be done can be quite challenging. Mom does try to help,but she really can't and shouldn't be doing too much,so I try to keep us from total chaos. ;o)
I have been working on my Valentine gifties and I hope to see my son and my friend Tammie sometime next week. I was going to take some photos,but of course today the weather decides not to co-operate,...maybe tomorrow!
Here's a photo of some of the flower fairie rings that I made a few years back. Maybe Spring will see this and decide it's time to show up and stay for good. Hey,a girl can dream!