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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Family Miracle

Sorry to have neglected the blog,but as you all know life can take over.
My brother had been very ill,in fact,he was dying. I had taken over his care when he was home,but he had mostly been in and out of the hospital for the last seven weeks or so. He had been on the transplant list,but we were starting to fear that he would not recieve a new liver in time. On January 29th,(our sister's 50th birthday),we got the call that he would be going into transplant surgery that night. After ten and a half hours in a hospital waiting room,we learned that the surgery was a success and my brother was doing very well. His recovery since the surgery has been amazing,in fact,he may be discharged from the hospital sometime this week.
My family is so grateful for the gift that another family gave to us. They lost a loved one,but they still thought of others and of the good they and their loved one could do. We might never know who the donor was,but he or she will be forever in our prayers.