Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly.--Epictetus--

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day of the Dead Festival

This past weekend was all about the Dia de los Muertos Festival! 
 This couple was so cute walking around together,they were holding hands the whole time.
 These are photos of the family altar that I set up,(that's me in the background wearing the new skelly scarf my son had just given me).
 This cross was made by my nephew Andrew.
 My dear daddy is in the frame on top and that bottom frame is a rare photo we have of my grandfather,great-grandfather,and great-great-grandfather.
 That lady reading in the background is my mom!
 The childrens guitar belonged to my brother,he learned to play when he was a little boy,and the woman in that photo is my beloved grandmother.

 My brother and his Sunday hat.

 Lots of photos of my darling husband Jim.

 The woman above is my cousin-in-law Rosalinda and she won the costume contest! They gave her the banner she is wearing and it says "Queen" on it.
These kinda scary looking guys are dancers,they do a procession throughout the grounds cracking whips as they go.
(All photos in this post were taken by my son Nick)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


As I predicted,the class with dear Nina was a blast! First of all,French General is a darling shop and packed full of awesome stuff,secondly,Kaari and her crew are great,and last but not least,I got to hang out with my friend Tammie! I really enjoyed myself and of course I learned some fun new to me techniques with Nina. As usual I didn't get many photos,but here are a few.

I loved this wall of jars full of all kinds of beads and findings,truly gorgeous things.
This is a bit of the piece I was working on,I'll try to remember to post a photo of the completed project.
This is a tiny art clay charm that one of the other ladies gave me,....I love it and I loved my day at French General with Nina.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Life here on Magnolia Ave. continues on,...we have all been loving the change of weather and the warmth without the intense heat is truly wonderful. The dogs and neighborhood cats bask on the warm bricks of the front porch,the birds come to bathe in the fountain under my window and gentle breezes blow my lace curtains about in the cool evenings.
I have preparing for some upcoming events,this Saturday I will be taking a class with my dear Nina at French General! I am so excited,I haven't seen Nina for a few years and am very much looking forward to this. Tammie,(one of my bff's),is also taking the class,so I'm pretty sure this will be a blast.
Next weekend we will once again participating in the Dia de los Muertos program at the San Luis Rey Mission in Oceanside Calif. I have prepared a family altar there for about five years and love celebrating the lives of my loved ones with family,friends,and yes even strangers.
I will leave you with one photo.
This sweetie was a gift from a cousin of mine,...isn't she adorable?! My cousin said she found her at an estate sale and she knew she had to bring her to me,and I'm so glad she did.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Re-finding Treasures

This past week my sister came over and helped me with some fall cleaning,we managed to move the furniture and dust,polish,and wash everything in the den,(no small feat). Tomorrow she will be back and we will get the front living room done. I also managed to go thru  another of my many boxes with the help of my great-niece Jordan. She loves to help me with this project because she knows I will pay her in stuff and Jordan loves stuff,especially crafty/artsy stuff.
I found a couple of vintage baby clothing pieces in those boxes. I love the little chemise above,although it is very yellowed,...anyone have a good recipe to help whiten it a bit?
Someone had cut this piece,but I only paid a dollar or so for it so that was fine with me.
The tiny buttons and pleats are so sweet and the small window pane pattern in the fabric is lovely.
What have you all been up to out there in the world?