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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day of the Dead Festival

This past weekend was all about the Dia de los Muertos Festival! 
 This couple was so cute walking around together,they were holding hands the whole time.
 These are photos of the family altar that I set up,(that's me in the background wearing the new skelly scarf my son had just given me).
 This cross was made by my nephew Andrew.
 My dear daddy is in the frame on top and that bottom frame is a rare photo we have of my grandfather,great-grandfather,and great-great-grandfather.
 That lady reading in the background is my mom!
 The childrens guitar belonged to my brother,he learned to play when he was a little boy,and the woman in that photo is my beloved grandmother.

 My brother and his Sunday hat.

 Lots of photos of my darling husband Jim.

 The woman above is my cousin-in-law Rosalinda and she won the costume contest! They gave her the banner she is wearing and it says "Queen" on it.
These kinda scary looking guys are dancers,they do a procession throughout the grounds cracking whips as they go.
(All photos in this post were taken by my son Nick)

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