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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Re-finding Treasures

This past week my sister came over and helped me with some fall cleaning,we managed to move the furniture and dust,polish,and wash everything in the den,(no small feat). Tomorrow she will be back and we will get the front living room done. I also managed to go thru  another of my many boxes with the help of my great-niece Jordan. She loves to help me with this project because she knows I will pay her in stuff and Jordan loves stuff,especially crafty/artsy stuff.
I found a couple of vintage baby clothing pieces in those boxes. I love the little chemise above,although it is very yellowed,...anyone have a good recipe to help whiten it a bit?
Someone had cut this piece,but I only paid a dollar or so for it so that was fine with me.
The tiny buttons and pleats are so sweet and the small window pane pattern in the fabric is lovely.
What have you all been up to out there in the world?

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