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Thursday, October 17, 2013


Life here on Magnolia Ave. continues on,...we have all been loving the change of weather and the warmth without the intense heat is truly wonderful. The dogs and neighborhood cats bask on the warm bricks of the front porch,the birds come to bathe in the fountain under my window and gentle breezes blow my lace curtains about in the cool evenings.
I have preparing for some upcoming events,this Saturday I will be taking a class with my dear Nina at French General! I am so excited,I haven't seen Nina for a few years and am very much looking forward to this. Tammie,(one of my bff's),is also taking the class,so I'm pretty sure this will be a blast.
Next weekend we will once again participating in the Dia de los Muertos program at the San Luis Rey Mission in Oceanside Calif. I have prepared a family altar there for about five years and love celebrating the lives of my loved ones with family,friends,and yes even strangers.
I will leave you with one photo.
This sweetie was a gift from a cousin of mine,...isn't she adorable?! My cousin said she found her at an estate sale and she knew she had to bring her to me,and I'm so glad she did.

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