Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly.--Epictetus--

Monday, March 28, 2011

we gathered the women,(and some men too)!

we spent saturday working at the w.c.p.c. gather the women conference in downtown riverside. above you can see nick carrying the world. he and his friends aylah and ryan spent the whole day helping so many people,they carried and set up,the did food and coffee runs,and they also squeezed in some fun!

here they are flashing the tattoos they went and got,(no worries it's henna).

this is the henna tattoo artist and her very cool booth. debi has been tattooing nick since he was about 8 or 9 years old and he loves sporting her amazing work for the month or so that it lasts on him.

here is my friend jo along with some of her gorgeous artwork. jo will be teaching some workshops soon and i'll try to post time and dates,..she's an amazing teacher!

gayle and nanette flashing the symbol for the day!

one of the vendors tables full of silk scarves! i wanted to wrap every single one of them around me,such gorgeous,vibrant colors!

here i am smiling behind some of dana's fluttery,sparkley,fairy wings.

i met so many wonderful people,the ladies that came to my workshop were awesome! thank you to all that came to my booth to visit,admire,and purchase,i am so thankful for your love and support.
all but the tattoo photos were taken by my friends nancy or jenn!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

more fun!

nick and i had so much fun at the mermaids mercantile,(despite the challenging weather). unfortunately,we forgot to bring the camera,but it was fun talking with people. i met jenny and aaron from "every day is a holiday",and they are the sweetest people. also met debby over at "romancing the bling",such a sweetheart. check out their blogs and sites you'll love it all as much as i do!
this week i need to get ready for the gather the women conference and believe me i have alot to do! must get my workshop supplies ready,need to make a few more sterling pieces,and i have a pattern for a little silk mushroom that i'm trying to work out. well,i better get to work!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

fun stuff!

busy,busy,around here! been working on some new fabric pieces and playing with a fun lens on my camera!

these beautiful silk leaves,(along with many others),will be available this sunday at the next mermaids mercantile.

these are so wonderful to wear on your jacket,or use one as a package topper!
since nick and i will have to move into smaller spaces soon,i'm gonna be downsizing my collections of stuff. this mercantile i will also have some of those things,which include vintage pottery,(some of it mcCoy),vintage jewelry bits,some old and new doll heads,a small toy dresser,vintage sewing basket,and much more.

make sure you come out on sunday and visit me and all the other fabulous mermaids,it's gonna be a great show!

Monday, March 14, 2011

class full of friends!

yesterday,nick and i had a fun surprise! we were teaching the tutu pincushion ring,(say that 3 times),class down at paper tales,and were surprised to find that our students for the afternoon were rita,christie,and their friend jackie!
now of course i completely spaced on taking any photos,but if you head over to rita's blog you can read about all the fun we had.

i do have these photos of rita and her booth,(she does fabulous work). these were taken by nick last summer at one of the urban barn sales.

here rita is chatting with my hubby,it was about a month or two before he passed away. jim was determined to do all he could do and he so loved to talk with people. rita saw that the heat was a bit much for him and she sat him right down in her booth,faced a fan at him,and chatted up a storm with him! i don't know that i have ever told her,but that kindness on that hot summer day meant the world to me.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Time for class!

time for another fun class at Paper Tales! i'll be teaching my tutu pincushion ring class and it's so darling,(if i do say so).

class will be happening on sunday March 13th and i will provide all the supplies. hope to see you there!  peace.

Friday, March 4, 2011

last night i spent the evening at ART WALK in riverside!  i was selling my jewelry in nanc and jo's new studio space!

 here i am trying to see who's calling my name,(it was nanc ;).
the art work that's behind me is jo's.
another view of my table,on the wall are some of nanc's photos and one of our WCPC banners.
here are the kids,aka,the roadies! nanc's daughter britt and my son nick went up and down many stairs to bring all the art and set-up into the studio. thank you! you are very good children!
a peek into the studio from the veranda! the kids strung up the prayer flags and everybody loved them.

jo and nanc welcoming all to the studio! we will all be teaching some workshops and once i have the schedule i will let you know.  peace!
all photos in this post were taken by nanc and jenn!