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Friday, March 4, 2011

last night i spent the evening at ART WALK in riverside!  i was selling my jewelry in nanc and jo's new studio space!

 here i am trying to see who's calling my name,(it was nanc ;).
the art work that's behind me is jo's.
another view of my table,on the wall are some of nanc's photos and one of our WCPC banners.
here are the kids,aka,the roadies! nanc's daughter britt and my son nick went up and down many stairs to bring all the art and set-up into the studio. thank you! you are very good children!
a peek into the studio from the veranda! the kids strung up the prayer flags and everybody loved them.

jo and nanc welcoming all to the studio! we will all be teaching some workshops and once i have the schedule i will let you know.  peace!
all photos in this post were taken by nanc and jenn!

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