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Monday, March 14, 2011

class full of friends!

yesterday,nick and i had a fun surprise! we were teaching the tutu pincushion ring,(say that 3 times),class down at paper tales,and were surprised to find that our students for the afternoon were rita,christie,and their friend jackie!
now of course i completely spaced on taking any photos,but if you head over to rita's blog you can read about all the fun we had.

i do have these photos of rita and her booth,(she does fabulous work). these were taken by nick last summer at one of the urban barn sales.

here rita is chatting with my hubby,it was about a month or two before he passed away. jim was determined to do all he could do and he so loved to talk with people. rita saw that the heat was a bit much for him and she sat him right down in her booth,faced a fan at him,and chatted up a storm with him! i don't know that i have ever told her,but that kindness on that hot summer day meant the world to me.


  1. Sabrina,
    when we left Paper Tales that's all I talked about. Jim in my booth on the hottest day, chatting away. Loved the class, Thank you to you and Nicola. See you soon. Ciao Rita

  2. Thanks Sabrina, the class was fun and your work is so beautiful. Hope I see you again. Nick is so cute :}

  3. Hey you sweet thing you... Just wanted to say "hi" "I love ya" and "I'm thinking of you" Hoping we can get together soon. Got your check today and Terry wasn't too mad about my purchase becuz of you babe. Thanks for bailing me out, "YOU ROCK"