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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Bangles!

I had a lovely time at Art in the Yard this past Saturday and look forward to November when we get to do it again. ;o) As usual I didn't get to take any photos,but my friend Nanc did and hopefully she will send them to me. I did get photos of a new design that I've been working on.
I love these adjustable bangles with the rolled talisman beads! They are very comfortable to wear and the bit of silk tied onto it give it a lovely pop of color.
 I have a very wide square sort of hand,so bangles can be difficult for me to put on. This design is great because you can open it a bit to slide on and off.
 Some of the bangles are brass and some are sterling,some of the beads are copper and some are sterling. It's gonna take me a bit to figure out the pricing,but I'll let you know when I do. Meanwhile I got to get the one's for the family done,one for mom for her 75th birthday,one for my sister,(just because she wants one),lol,and one for my niece's birthday!

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