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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Window

The heat has let up a bit today,(it's been terribly hot for this time of year),and I've once again been able to sit at my window and work.
The photo is a bit fuzzy,but you can see that I've rolled the sterling silver talisman beads onto vintage keys.
I also managed to get a shot of one of the hummingbirds that come to the feeders I have right outside my window. These little birds and their antics delight me all day long. When the feeders are empty they come right up to the screen and look in on me and start chattering away.
This is stained glass dragonfly also hangs in the window and the blue-green colors are so gorgeous in the late afternoon sun. My friends Nanc gifted me with this piece many years ago and I'm always a bit amazed,(and grateful),that he has managed to stay in one piece for so many years.

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