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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day!

Happy May Day to you all,here is a lovely little posy for you!
I had a wonderful surprise early this morning,a dear friend called from a distant and dangerous part of the world. He is well and safe and will be home soon,all of which I was very,very,grateful to hear. Having gone thru so many losses in the last few years,I don't think my heart could deal with another one right now.
Over the weekend I was surprised to see another old friend at one of my shows. While chatting,he told me of some photos that he had of a Christmas that he had spent with my family about 10 or so years ago. He emailed the pictures to me and I was so excited to see shots of my husband,father and brother,(they are no longer in this world).

Here is my sweet husband helping one of the great-nephews open presents.
Daddy adored his family and his great-grand-children were especially dear to him.
My brother and his grandson,he doted on this one and the little boy has taken his grandpa's death very hard. I was so grateful that my friend had saved these all this time and was good enough to send them to me.

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