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Thursday, July 22, 2010

 yesterday i went out to have breakfast and hang out with my dear friend tammie!  we were celebrating my birthday,which was way over a month ago,but,tammie and i hadn't been able to get together until now.  well,in the above picture you can see the gorgeous,artsy tote that she made for me.
here is a close-up of the darling rhinestone and chenille flower pin she made to go on the bag.
now most would think that the bag was enough of a great birthday present,but not tammie. there were even more goodies in the bag!
there was this darling dolls trunk,here with shadow,(the cat who owns us).
of course,the trunk was filled with more delightful stuff!
don't you just love this sweet pincushion doll?
lovely birthday card and even more special to me since my middle name is rose. thank you so much tammie,i love it all and i love you too!

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