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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Out in Oceanside Harbor

sunday we had an outing to the oceanside harbor! a cousin of jim's was visiting and asked us to come down and to hang with her and her husband on their boat. jim was very excited about this and me,well,not so much. you see,jim grew up a block away from the ocean and i grew up in a desert valley,...i am not a boat person.
it was a fabulous day to be down at the coast! the weather was gorgeous,and the company was fun. nick and minnie became fast friends and we loved her little doggie life jacket,it has a handle so minnie looked like a small purse with legs!
jim's sister,(aunty mary),was visiting also and was very much prepared for the sunny weather.
here we have cousin bobbi,jim's mom,and my sweetie sitting in the back of the boat,having a great time. as it turned out,i had alot of fun also.
i did end up getting sunburned,i felt a bit queasy some of the day,and when we got home that evening i still felt that rolling sort of motion for awhile. but i got to visit with family and of course,enjoying the day with my guys is always a good thing!

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