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Monday, July 5, 2010

getting some rest!

after the last couple of crazy,busy weeks,filled with doctor's appointments,chemo,and art shows,we are finally getting a bit of rest.
our dear shadow,(the cat who owns us),shows us that afternoon naps are a good thing. jim and shadow both prefer the reclining chair as a napping spot. they have finally come to a compromise where jim naps on the chair and shadow naps on the top of the chair. i really need to get a photo of the two of them doing this.
as we all know,work will be getting done even during this resting period. i have a couple of new jewelry designs the i will be debuting at the next mermaids mercantile! i really love these new pieces and my guys have already requested one for themselves. photos will be coming soon.
also,on july 31rst,i will be teaching my scrapbook necklace,(pictured below), class over at paper tales down in san diego! this is a really fun class and if you haven't made it over to paper tales yet,well,you just have to go there! they have wonderful people working there and gorgeous stuff to buy.

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