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Monday, July 26, 2010

exciting,crazy, weekend!

where do you get to take your picture with r2d2 and storm troopers?  comic con baby!
we were so excited that hubby was well enough to go on saturday. the tickets had been last year's christmas gift to us from jim's sister. at the beginning of the year we found out about jim's cancer,but we held onto the tickets hoping that he would be well enough to go.
jim with the harry potter legos!

 nick getting into the spirit of things!

we got to meet the author ray bradbury,...jim was thrilled!
this is jim with andrea.  she there promoting a book called "badass" and when she found out that jim was battling cancer she told him he had to keep a badass attitude and beat this cancer thing! as you can see,she gave him a t-shirt. ben thompson is the guy who wrote the book and he gave jim a signed copy. 
the random acts of kindness that we came across in the craziness that is comic con was wonderful!

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