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Friday, July 9, 2010

New work and a give away!

i finally got nick to help me get these photos done and on the computer,(yes,i'm still technologically challenged). these tiny book pendants were inspired by a piece i saw a woman wearing at a show. the pendant she had on was bound differently. i would have needed a book press to do it and i don't have one,so i decided to try a pamphlet style binding and i really like the way it turned out. i,of course,had to add some sparkle,so i wired a gemstone or pearl to it.

when i made these,both my guys insisted on having one. the photo above is nick wearing his. nick thinks he might write some inspirational words in his and i'm thinking i might do the same. i might even ask friends and family to give me some of their favorite words to put in there!

maybe,if you run into me out in the world,and you see me wearing this,you can tell me one of your favorite words!
hey,if you leave me a comment on this post with one of your favorite words,i'll put your name in to win one of these sweet little book pendants! if you post about the give away,(and let me know),on your blog,you can have your name put in twice and have an extra chance to win! i will accept comments for this give away until july 15th,(one week),and will announce the winner on july 16th. good luck!

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