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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The last couple of days have been cold,dark,gloomy,and rainy,I dislike this kind of weather with a passion. A friend once told me that maybe it had to do with losing loved ones during this kind of weather. I suppose that could be true,my grandmother,husband,father,and brother all died when the weather was like this. I don't believe I always felt this way,I remember as a child that on rainy days I would make tents inside the house for my brother,sister and I to play in. As I got older,I would bake bread,or cakes during this kind of weather,my sister remembers this vividly since our mom was not much of a baker. Maybe now being older,this weather just hurts,the muscles in my back spasm,my joints ache and all I want is to be warm. Whatever the reason might be,hopefully the weather changes back to warm and sunshiney soon,I know that the roses and I will be much happier with that!

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