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Friday, April 5, 2013

Berries and Roses

This was the lovely bowl full of raspberries that I had for breakfast. The berries are here is Southern California and I have taken full advantage since they are some of my favorite fruits. Jim liked blackberries best of all,although raspberries were a close second. I was a bit meloncholy while eating these and thinking of my dear,sweet husband.

Don't they look like jewels?

My daddy's roses are blooming and the colors and scents are so gorgeous. I have been trying very hard to maintain them,I haven't my father's green thumb,(he was a farmer's son),but I do try.
This beauty just had to come inside with me. It's actually from the last rosebush that my grandmother planted around 50 years ago! The scent is so full and glorious and reminds me so much of my grandma,she always smelled of roses or violets.
Tonight I will set this flower on my night table and hopefully have wonderful dreams. 

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