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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sunshiney Day!

Once again,the rains are supposed to come,so I got my nephew to help me do some spring planting while it was still sunny and warm.
My mermaid planter looks lovely and once the flowers fill out a bit,it will look even better.
We had a small visiter stop by while we were outside.
Baby Weasy came by after his Dr's appointment,(that's my mom holding him). He was named Weasy because he had some issues breathing when he was born. No worries now,he is healthy and also a sweetie pie.
I finally managed to photograph my new thrift shop boots.

I really like these boots and they're in good shape,just a teeny bit of scuff marks which can be buffed right out. They're leather,a normally pricey brand and I got them for 4 dollars! They were regularly 8 dollars but things happened to be half price that day. Has anyone else found a great deal?

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