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Friday, June 17, 2011

the graduate!

there in that mass of red and white is my nick! he did it,he graduated last night along with around 600 other students!
losing his dad at the start of his senior year was very hard,but nick truly focused and made it thru,..his father would be immensely proud.
i have to tell you a sweet story,(even though nick will scold me). you can see that nick has a lei around his neck,well,it he was supposed to have two of them. i thought a mistake had been made because i had bought one and another had been bought by one of his grandmothers. at the end of the ceremony i told nick to tell me who i had to talk to to correct this and nick calms me down and says that yes he had recieved them both,but a good friend of his had not recieved any and was in tears over it. so nick took off one of his and put around her neck,...i think that gesture made me the most proud of him.

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