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Saturday, June 4, 2011


sorry,once again i have been away longer than planned. life sometimes seems to moving at the speed of light and i have a hard time keeping up. add to the mix that my one vehicle has been out of commission for the last week and ,well,you see what i mean. hopefully i will soon get my transportation back and i can get back on schedule.
i celebrated my birthday on june first. it was spent quietly and my nick made dinner here at home for us. i think we both are savoring the little time we have left in our space. soon we will be living apart,...most definitely a big change for both of us.
nick has a big birthday coming up on june 10th,he will be 18 years old! i can't believe that itty-bitty 2 pound baby that i had is now a young man. if you get a chance please leave a happy birthday comment here for nick and i will make sure he gets them.

this is a photo that nick took at the last mermaids mercantile. this flower was blooming just above our heads and we both thought it looked like a small glowing moon.

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