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Monday, June 28, 2010

what a fun weekend!

well,nick and i had another fabulous weekend at the mermaids mercantile! it really is a fun show for us and it's more like spending the day hanging out with friends than working. those of you that have not made it out to visit us,(and all the other great vendors), at this show,well you really,really,need to do it! here are some pics that nick took over the weekend.this is janina and her crazy delicious cupcakes! every month she has new flavors and she always gives you a sample. believe me,once you taste these cupcakes,you will want more. this month nick and i especially loved the pina colada flavor,...omg,so good!
here's nick's self portrait for the day, his reflection in the mirror.
here we have marie,she's a vintage display piece and a 50th birthday present from my friend nanc. everyone loves marie and you would not believe how many people have asked to purchase her.
this is susan,(yes i am one of those people who names things),she was a gift from my mom. susan used to sit on a shelf at home,until i had the bright idea to use her as a display piece. i'm planning on making some sisters for susan,and maybe selling them.
the last photo here is one of me! i was unaware at the time that nick was trying to photograph me,but i actually like this picture. glasses perched on the end of my nose,intent on a project,needle or pliers in my hands,...that's me!

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  1. I just now saw this! Thank you for your kind words and a very big thanks to Nick for helping me out. It's always a pleasure seeing the two of you at the MM!