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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

more mm photos

here are a couple of more photos that nick took at the mermaids mercantile!

this is a collaged suitcase that valentina had in her booth. i also have a gorgeous little mother-of-pearl pin that i got from her and need to photograph. valentina always has beautiful things in her booth.
this is a photo of nicki's booth and as you can see,she a mermaid fan also. she needle felts the most wonderful things and her mermaids are obviously favorites of mine! call "out of the blue" and see about taking a class with her.
also,i wanted to ask you all to think good thoughts today for my husband jim. we go to see the doctor this afternoon and get the results from the last ct scan. we are hoping that his masses have shrunk and that this will be the last round of chemo. keep us in your prayers!

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