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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Catching Up!

Oh my,it's been way too long and so much has happened since my last post,but if you are still interested in my world,I will try and catch you up.
The summer sped by as it always does and I got to spend a week at the beach! The weather was glorious and my son was just a mile or two away from the cottage that I stayed at,so we spent much of the week together.
Isn't he beautiful?!
I loved the views from our cottage and I had a chance to relax and recharge.
Last month I once again set up a family altar and the San Luis Rey Mission to celebrate Dia de los Muertos. It is now four years since my husband's and father's passing and the spring was two years since my brother died. 
The pain of losing them all is still so sharp,I don't believe it will ever go away.
My sister actually,made it out to the festival and here is a rare photo of her with our mother and I. Hopefully she doesn't find this because she will make me remove it, that's the reason you never see photos of her on my facebook  or instagram sites. ;)
Last month I also took my mom to French General for an dyeing with indigo class. It was so much fun and mommy loved it,that's her above playing in the dye vat!  Kaari Meng taught the class and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and we all made some beautiful pieces.
Here's a photo of mom and Kaari,...both are so adorable!!! If you ever get a chance to attend a class at French General you must do it,it's so much fun.
I will try to do another post soon!

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