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Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer Flying By

The summer seems to be flying by so fast,the days are still very hot,but the nights are starting to be cooler,the fall is slowly creeping up on us. Here at the family houses the children have all gone back to school,and football practice has started. The orioles that came to feed everyday for the past couple of months,seem to have moved on further south for the season. I miss them,but will look forward to seeing them again next spring.
I managed to finally repair a necklace for my friend Nanc. It was a Christmas present from me a few years ago and Nanc loves it a wears it constantly. The moonstones were from a strand that my husband had given me years ago and I have only used them in pieces for myself and a couple of gifts for friends and family.
You can't really see it in these photos,but the stones have some lovely flashes of color in them.
This week was the full moon for August and I took this photo from the front porch.
It's not a great photo,but I love the sort of watercolor effect I ended up with.

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