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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August already?

Once again a month has flown past,it seems I am constantly trying to catch up with things. Mom has had doctors appointments,the chihuahuas needed their nails trimmed,the bird feeders seem to always need filling,add those things to the general list of chores and errands and yes the month flies past me. Mostly I don't mind,staying busy helps with the sadness that I can be overwhelmed by. July 25th was hard,it would have been my husband's 52nd birthday,and this Saturday will be difficult as it is daddy's birthday,...he would have been 77. 
I have been trying to get some new copper and brass bangles done. I hammered some texture into the wire on these and I very much like the look of it.
I've been trying to load this fun little cabinet of drawers with many of my bits and pieces. My daddy made this cabinet for my mom and she was kind enough to give it to me since storage is always an issue for me. *lol*
 Isn't this watercolor yummy? I adore the colors,it was painted by my sister-in-law and she gifted it to me. I must pick up a frame for it soon,it will look lovely against the pale,pale,green walls of my room.
This is what I illuminate my room with in the evenings,it's still far too warm to have the lamps on and I love these lotus lights so much. Years ago I admired these lights and my husband bought them for me to use on our christmas tree. I hated to put them away after the holidays so I bundled them into a large mercury glass vase and used them as a night light in our living room. 

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