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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Art in the Yard fun!

Home at last! My brother had some appointments in LA for his cancer treatments,so I spent Thursday out there with him. Friday my mom and I finished getting the Thanksgiving supplies and we even got a few things for Christmas! Saturday I sold my wares at the Art in the Yard show and as always I had a wonderful time.

 There I am under the ginko tree.
The mini tree was loaded with acorn ornaments!

Is this the one you would like to purchase?
That's my friend Jo,...she's and amazing artist and she had some beautiful prints and a few of the original canvases.
This is a closer look at Jo's work.
After the show I went out to dinner with Jo and our friend Nancy. Whenever we get together there is always alot of brain storming about art,shows,dance,conferences,food,and so much more,and the laughter,omg,I'm sure some of the tables nearby were overwhelmed by it.  All in all,it was a very good day.
All photos in this post were taken by my friend Nancy.

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