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Saturday, February 12, 2011


i read other blogs and see that so many are showing gorgeous photos of winter scenes. huge mounds of fluff,glittering crystals of ice,great sparkling expanses of white,it's all very beautiful,but,oh my,the chilliness of it all!

 living in southern california makes for a totally different kind of winter. the white i'm seeing is the fluff of flowering tree branches.
the bees and ladybugs have started visiting and there is a constant humming going on right outside my front door.
a small hummingbird sits in the bottlebrush tree right outside the front window and diligently surveys his turf for interlopers. those who dare to set foot in his space risk being dive-bombed,or at the very least,loudly scolded.
yes its a very different winter,and one i am very fond of.

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