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Thursday, May 13, 2010

growing things

here at the small cozy home that i share with my family, we have growing things. i am constantly amazed by the things one can see in our tiny yard,things that are growing and things that are helping things to grow. the ladybugs have been oh so abundant this year and i am truly grateful,(no having to use nasty stuff to keep my roses aphid free).
my cecile brunner rose has been in bloom since february and shows no sign of stopping. it's sweet rose scent tickles at your nose whenever you stand on the porch. it is even sweeter to me since several years ago, the bareroot bush was a christmas gift from my husband.
these are my two most precious growing things! my son nick won't stop growing and i know my time with him is getting short since he will be 18 in just over a year and college will soon take up most of his time. shadow,(the cat who owns us),is now 5 years old,so her growing has stopped,although she does continue to round out a bit. i love this photo of shadow sniffing the roses while nick holds her.
to paraphrase,"stop a moment and take time to smell the roses"! i say,"try to not miss the opportunity of noticing something wonderful"!

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