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Saturday, January 26, 2013

 Missing this man so very much,even after almost two and a half years I still feel so very lost without him. I know this rainy weather is adding to my sadness,I definitely don't do well with days and days of rain.
I talked with the boy yesterday and it will be weeks before I get to see him again,so I will be mailing his Valentine gift out to him soon. I'm making him some heart shaped hand warmers,and I know he will appreciate them. He's usually out waiting for the train at 6 in the morning and he says it's terribly cold,the warmers are small enough to slip inside his pockets or even in his gloves. I will try to remember and photograph them before I send them off. I was telling my friend Tammie about some of the things I've been mking,and she was reminding me to take photos throughout the process. I'm trying to be better about that,but honestly sometimes just getting a picture of the finished project is a miracle for me.

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