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Friday, December 16, 2011

Give-away Winners,and life in general.

Hi everybody,sorry to be missing,but I pretty much dropped everything and went home for a week. Some of you know that my brother is battling the same cancer that my husband had. He has been going thru the process of being added to the transplant list,but he is getting weaker and weaker. Our mom called me and said that my brother was feeling really bad and kept asking for me. I spent the week cheering him up a bit and cooking simple foods trying to get him to eat. By the time I left,he was feeling a bit better and eating a bit more. Next week I take him in for an appointment with his doctor. Please add him to your prayers.
Now onto the give-away! I am going to send all those who commented an acorn! Please e-mail your addresses to me and I will them in the mail as soon as I can.


  1. Hi Sabrina, my prayers to your brother keep a strong faith. Thank you! for the giveaway. Will send you my details.

    Luanne Pang

  2. Here is my addy in case you did not receive my e-mail as I had internet problems at home.

    Name: Luanne Pang
    iComm International Inc.,
    5th Floor Asia Town IT Park, Lahug
    Cebu City, Central Visayas 6000

    Thank you! Sabrina
    Merry Christmas!