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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

try to be happy

the weather had been strange for several days. the heat that we had been having was gone and the clouds kept coming in and out.
i loved the blue skies and the gorgeous pinky/blue sunsets that we had been having.
now the rain has once again come back and i am not so happy about it. here is something that makes be a bit happy.
this is my pincushion,this photo was taken awhile back so i have even more pins in it right now.
my mom stitched up this pincushion for me and alot of the pins have been gifts from my friend tammie. it's usually sitting on my table at shows since i tend to work on projects all the time,and women are always picking it up and asking to buy it. most are sad to find that it's not for sale and some have even gotten a bit huffy about it.
my pincushion brightens my day and makes me happy,(reminds me of people who love me).
what brightens your day and makes you happy?

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